+Why should I save with you and noone else?

Chip In is the only saving app in the market that truly makes saving social. You can not only set up personal savings goals, but also collective ones and competitions. We think that making saving a game that you can play with friends and family is the best way to get you started, or to make you save even more. We are in the process of setting up partnerships with retailers so you can set money aside but also save on what you will eventually need to buy. See 'Features' for more information.

+Is Chip In available in every country ?

Unfortunately at the moment we are only available in the United Kingdom. We will open up to other countries soon. If you like our concept and would like to be notified when Chip In becomes available in your country drop us a note via our contact form (home page).

+What is Chip In's Ambassador programme ?

Chip In offer to some of our early users the opportunity to participate in private ambassador parties. Our ambassadors have their say in the most important upcoming features and get special referral fees that other users don't.

+How do I participate in your Ambassador programme ?

If you are interested in participating in our Ambassador programme simply email our founder Audrey at and tell us how and why you've been using Chip In. We'll to let you know if we can onboard you as soon as possible.

+How do I contact you ?

Drop us a note via our contact form (home page) or email our founder Audrey directly at She's always happy to get feedback.



+ Why do I have to give you my personal details ?

We as a finance company have the duty to carry out an identity check on you. We only ask you for your first name, surname, date of birth, country of residence and nationality for savings that amount to 700.- GBP (1,000 EUR) or less. Above 700.- GBP we will require more information.

+Do I need to give you my passport/driving licence/ID details ?

We do not ask for your passport/driving licence/ID details for savings that amount to less than approximately 800GBP (1,000EUR). However above that amount we will need a digital copy of your passport, driving licence or ID.

+ Where can I find your privacy policy ?

You can find our privacy policy here, and also in Chip In's menu (towards the bottom of the list) once logged in.

+Where can I find your terms of use ?

You can find our End User License Agreement here, and also in Chip In's menu (towards the bottom of the list) once logged in.



+What's a competition ?

We created competitions so you can benefit of positive peer pressure. Think of it as the equivalent of your fitness app : you can compare your performance with friends and compete with them. Whoever saves the fastest wins the competition. You will not see how much they are saving, but you will see where they are at with their savings.

This is ideal if, for instance, you want to travel with a group of friends but you know that one of them typically never has enough money to book the trip ahead of time. Invite all the friends you're travelling with to a competition and that one friend will have no choice but to save for that trip.

+How do I invite friends to compete with me ?

If you don't have friends on Chip In yet you need to connect with you on Chip In before you create a competition and invite them to participate. To do that tap the menu > tap 'Friends' > tap + (top right-hand corner) > select 'from Facebook' (unless you know they're also using Chip In) > search for your friend > tap their name > tap Next > tap Send Your friend will then receive a notification from Chip In and will have to log into the app, tap the menu > tap 'Friends' > tap 'New requests' and swipe to the left to accept the invitation

+How does a collective goal work ?

Whenever you need to start collecting money for a big occasion, you can create a goal and invite your friends/colleagues to participate. Or, if you don't have a joint bank account but want to save with your partner you can use Chip In to do that easily. Note that at the moment, if you start contributing to a collective goal and you are not the goal organiser you cannot withdraw the money you saved as cash back will be made to the organiser's bank account. The only way for you to get your money back is to ask the goal's organiser. This is the only scenario where you cannot withdraw your savings whenever you need to.



+Can I withdraw my savings at any time ?

Yes you can withdraw your savings at any time, even if you haven't reached your savings goal yet. The only exception is for collective goals : if you are not the goal organiser then you cannot withdraw your savings through Chip In and will have to arrange cash back with the goal organiser.

+How do I withdraw my savings ?

If your savings goal is complete tap the savings goal (main screen) and then tap 'Request cash back'. If the savings goal is not complete yet simply open Chip In > tap the menu > tap Piggy Bank > tap the savings goal that you want to withdraw money from > tap 'Get cash back'.

+How long does it take to get my money back ?

Withdrawal requests are processed once a day and it may take up to 3 business days to reach your bank account, so you should allow for up to 4 days to get your money back. However this is the maximum estimate and it typically takes about 2 business days for the funds to be credited to your account. If for some reason you urgently need your money contact us and we will arrange a fast transfer.

+Where are my card details stored ?

You card details are not stored with us, but instead are transmitted to Mangopay, a leading payment company that complies with international payment card and security standards.

+Why do I have to give you my bank details to withdraw my savings ?

This is part of regulatory requirements for us as a finance company. We cannot credit the funds back to your payment card, which is why we ask for your bank details. Most UK banks provide your bank details (sort code and account number) on your card.

+Why do I have to put in a verification code for some payments ?

We added an extra layer of security for all payments over 30£. This is to make sure that noone is using a payment card that does not belong to them. However we know that this extra layer of security may be inconvenient at times, especially when you are on the go, which is why it does not apply to payments of less than 30£. We reserve the right to adjust that limit at any time. If you feel like this should be changed do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form (home page).

+Who is MangoPay ?

Mangopay is a leading payment company that we have partnered with to deposit your savings and store sensitive personal information. The funds are transferred into a BARCLAYS instant access savings account. They comply with the most recent international payment card and security standards.



+Do I earn any interest on my savings ?

Unfortunately at the moment we are not in a position to credit interest on your savings. It is in our future plans to negotiate a special interest rate for our savers, however in the interim we recommend that you use Chip In for short-term and mid-term savings. Note that we will negotiate partnerships with retailers so you can not only set money aside, but also get special discounts on what you are saving for, thus saving twice as much !



+How safe is my money ?

Your money is deposited via our partner Mangopay into a segregated Barclays bank account, meaning that you as a user benefit from the highest security standards. Your savings are held seperately from the operational funds of our partner Mangopay and they would not be impacted if we or Mangopay were to go bankrupt.

+Where is my money sitting?

Your money is deposited via Mangopay into a Barclays instant access savings account. For more information see 'How safe is my money'.

+What's a digital wallet ?

When you create a savings goal with us a digital wallet is created within our and Mangopay's platforms. This allows us to manage your money more easily, however all funds are effectively credited to a bank account held at Barclays.

+Where is my data stored ?

All sensitive data is stored by Mangopay, a leading payment company that complies with the most recent international security standards, and our use of this data is purely for technical and regulatory purposes.

Chip In stores non-sensitive information so we have the option to use it in the future for marketing purposes. If we were to use your information for marketing purposes we would do it in an aggregated and anonymised format and this information would not contain any personally identifiable information. However if you do not want your data to be processed simply log into your Chip In account, tap the menu, tap 'Edit profile' and switch off the 'Receive marketing emails' button. For more information read our Privacy Policy.